In response to the emerging COVID-19 situation here are some strategies to prepare for working at home:

  • Take a photo of your workstation to support replicating this at home.
  • Take measurements of your screen height so that you can set your monitor/laptop/tablet at a similar height above the work surface at home, it is important that this be raised to eye level.
  • With your employers permission, take as many peripherals (mouse, keyboard, document stand, footrest, headset, office chair etc.) as possible.
  • In the event that you cannot get your office chair home, seek a chair that offers spinal support and if needed build up the height with incidental cushions or pillows
  • Endeavour to create a workspace area that can remain set up and is away from noisy or distracting environments.
  • Optimise lighting, using desk lamps if needed.
  • Seek information from your employer on optimal ergonomic set up to use as a reference.
  • Ensure when setting yourself up, you are sitting immediately in front of your monitor, avoiding any twisting or reaching.
  • Maintain hydration, bringing a glass of water to your desk rather than a bottle will prompt regular movement breaks.
  • Set a time limit for technology use so that you can wind down and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Maintain social contact via phone or video calling, especially if you have limited contact with people in your environment and remember to check in regularly with others.

Working from home will present many challenges, many beyond the obvious limitations around the suitability of the environment and workspace set up. For example; some people will find it distracting, some people will find that they are able to concentrate to a point that they lose track of time.  Whichever applies to you, it is important that you schedule in and take regular movement breaks (at least every 30 – 40 minutes) and wherever possible, incorporate gentle stretches into your break routine.  Moving regularly will ensure that you are not adopting poor postures for long periods and will also serve to provide you with a visual break away from the screen.

Should you require any further assistance or a TELE-HEALTH Assessment via ZOOM, please do not hesitate to be in touch by clicking on the ‘Contact’ tab in the top right hand corner of this screen. 

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