TAS Ergonomic Collaborative

The TAS Ergonomic Collaborative or TEC Team are a group of clinical Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists with significant experience undertaking workplace assessments within Tasmania. The TEC team as a collaborative entity was established to provide Ergonomic Workstation Assessments in a timely manner to organisations with medium to large employee numbers.

Our scope of practice as an interdisciplinary therapy team serves to benefit our clients by providing a large body of evidenced and practical experience in the workplace health and safety arena as well as functional knowledge of human performance and a sound understanding of the ramifications of dysfunction and rehabilitative options.

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Services & Resources

Designed to support individuals working in rural and remote areas or from home.

Delivered and tailored to your specific needs and requirements promoting current evidence and best practice.

Individualised assessment of staff workstations accompanied by a comprehensive report that educates and promotes longer term self-management and set up.

Links to local suppliers and networks that offer a proven level of customer service and equipment meeting Australian Standards

Group education targeted to support key corporate workplace wellbeing messages

Topics such as Sitting, Standing, Moving & Back Care handouts to support ongoing ready reference.

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Short video series presenting key information about workstation set up.

Please click here to view the TEC Sound Bytes Series.

Advice and assistance with office redesign and furniture selection to accommodate task performance requirements and comfort

Driving currency of knowledge and best practice and defining our position in this industry.